Lessons and sessions!

As an a Accredited professional coach I also offer ridden and groundwork sessions. These sessions are aimed at horses with no physical problems and no serious behavioural problems, so if you are experiencing these you will need to go through a behavioural consultation first.

Groundwork session 45minutes: £30

I use reward based training and am also available to teach clicker training in the session. Groundwork session will vary for each horse and owner and I will not expect you or your horse to do something you’re not confident doing. These sessions are fun and varied and a great way to establish a safe and stable relationship with your horse.

Ridden lessons 45minutes: £30

These lessons can include flat, polework or jumping and I work to improve both you and your horse’s relationship under saddle, with greater awareness of their behaviour in mind. I am also available for rider confidence lessons for those who have taken a break from riding or lost their confidence in a fall etc. In these lessons, we take small steps towards your goal for that lesson whether that me to sit in the saddle for a few moments or ride your horse over a jump.

Talks/Lectures: £50 (excluding travel)

I am also available to come to your college or workplace to give a talk on any aspect of Equine Behaviour and Training.

Feel free to call or text on 07401181823 or email at sarah.jbaynham@gmail.com.