Behaviour Consultancy

As an SEBC registered Equine Behaviour Consultant, I work closely with other professionals including vets, veterinary physiotherapists, SMS qualified saddler fitters and registered farriers to ensure that your horse gets the proper professional help required to fully resolve any issue.

Handling Problems may include:    

Leading issues, Catching issues, Clipping, Tying up, Picking feet up, Head shy, Rugging, Bathing, Grooming, Tacking up, Girthing up, Vet/Farrier visits, Biting/chasing, Aggression, Barging, Threats to kick, Separation Anxiety, Vices, Difficult to load/travel etc.

 Riding Problems may include:

Spooking, Napping, Bolting, Bucking, Rearing, Bad to Mount, Not going forward/unresponsive, Difficult to steer, Rushing, Loss of performance, Tripping, Finds it easier to canter than trot, Hopping in trot, Change of canter leads in canter, Rushing show jumps/XC, Refusing to jump and hitting jumps

And much more….

Behaviour Consultation

An assessment visit can be arranged directly with myself. The assessment will be charged with a fee of £95* which includes initial phone call and an appointment letter sent either through email or post. Then I will visit you and your horse and firstly take a case history which can take up to an hour. I will then assess your horse on the ground and ridden if needed. If I am able to diagnose the misbehaviour on the day, I will explain the reason for your horse’s misbehaviour and the solution to resolve the situation. However, if this is not the case a referral to another professional will be made. I will then go away and write up a report of the assessment and write up your personalised training program which I will then send to you within 24 hours. If you will need a follow-up visit to assist with training this will cost £40* per session. You also have the option to call me free of charge at any time if any issues arise.

Telephone Behaviour Consultation

If some reason I can’t come out to you for an assessment and the problem is not too severe, we can arrange a video assessment. This will involve taking a case history over the phone or skype, then sending several videos of the horse appropriate to the misbehaviour. I will then diagnose the problem, refer to other professionals if necessary and write up a personalised training plan for you and your horse. This option costs £50 and also includes the option to call free of charge should any problems arise.

Appointments are usually available within 1-2 weeks and urgent cases can be seen sooner. I use training that is proven scientifically with the aim to provide long-term success and welfare to your horse and all involved. Please call me on 07401181823 and leave a voicemail if I am unable to take the call or email for more information.

*price does not include mileage, which is 40p per mile from my home address. Free mileage if travel distance is less than 20miles. Option to share mileage if I’m seeing clients in the same area or yard.